Do some people have all the luck?

Do some people have all the luck?


You can go through life thinking that some people have all the luck and that you simply got the short end of the stick. But, is that really how things are? I beg to differ.

I have heard time and time again this saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” and I have experienced it myself many times. In fact, it is not a matter of luck at all.

When we set out an intention to do something, whether it be as concrete as change how we live our life (e.g., quit smoking, lose weight, leave a marriage, find better friends, change jobs, etc), or more abstract as decide to interpret the world in a more optimistic manner (e.g., stop playing the victim, stop looking for the negative in things), somehow opportunities, people, circumstances,  seem to appear out of the blue.

In reality, it simply is that those things were always present, but we were unable to see them because we were not in that state of mind to see them, we were not ready. Our focus was on other things, things that would follow the flow of what we were living at that time, things that would confirm our views and beliefs (see the attribution bias).

If you stay in a job you hate, or are bored of, simply because of the benefits or the pay, and you are not considering looking for another job, you won’t notice awesome job opportunities that come your way because you are NOT looking for them. You won’t see the advertisement in the newspaper, you won’t hear it on the radio, you won’t notice when people mention it, simply because your mind is not there. However, had you decided in your heart that it was time to move on, when those opportunities would come up, you would notice them, and grab hold of them.

It’s all a matter of perspective and attitude. Thus, when you are “prepared” for change, you start to notice the opportunities that will present themselves to you. It has nothing to do with luck!

Action step: Try this exercise for fun. Set the intention that in the next 48 to  72 hours that you will see something that is not that common (e.g. a pink car, a purple butterfly), and keep your eyes open for those opportunities. Chances are, if you remember that this is your intention you WILL see what you set out to see or hear. It is important for this exercise that you DO NOT limit the form your intention will take, just as in life, opportunities do not always show up dressed up the way we expect them to, nevertheless they show up.

Let me give you a couple of examples. I set out the intention one day to see a pink car… well, these are not that common as you may know, yet I saw many versions of my intention. They were:  a pink cement truck (! how rare is that!!). a child being pushed in a plastic pink toy car, a pink Jeep, a pink Mini. This is what I mean by do not limit the shape or form it should take, set a general intention. Another example: I set out to see a purple butterfly. I don’t think these exists where we live…. Anyhow, I was nearing the end of my 48 hours, disappointed that my exercise had not worked (this had been my first attempt at this exercise recommended by Pam Grout in her best-selling book E-squared), when my daughter gave me a piece of paper, and on it, a while back, I had drawn 5 purple butterflies!!! I did not notice immediately, but a few moments later, I shouted with Glee “It works! That’s what she meant by don’t limit your intention !”  My daughter and I were excited that we had succeeded in manifesting a purple butterfly! That is when we after decided to see a pink car.

Since then, we see pink “cars” everywhere!


Have fun! Keep me posted in the comments below.

Are you challenged?

Are you challenged?

It is always difficult to change habits, but keep your eye on the long term goal. Remember it only takes 21 days to change a habit. You are worth it. Trust that in the end you will be proud of yourself for doing it. Change means going outside of your comfort level, so don’t expect it to be easy or exciting at first, but know that the benefits of change will keep you motivated. Just try!Accept-the-challenges-so

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