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What is Stress Management?

Stress occurs when we feel like life’s demands exceed our emotional, physical, or mental resources. Instead of feeling energized or even excited about tasks, we feel overwhelmed, unmotivated or even burnt out.


Being busy has become a badge of honour as such people have too much on their plates. It can make life very stressful. To prevent burnout, it is essential to learn to manage stress effectively. People often struggle with setting priorities when there is so much that they want and/or need to get done. When others rely on us, it can be challenging to say “no.”

Is your stress level getting out of control?

Are you:

  • Short-tempered with people because you have too much stress?
  • Struggling with decision making and second-guessing yourself?
  • Procrastinating or losing focus because you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? 
  • Often preoccupied or distracted by your worries?
  • Having trouble following through with work and family responsibilities because you have too much on your plate?
  • Withdrawing socially and avoiding activities you once enjoyed?
  • Restless or sleepless because you’re busy worrying about daily tasks or challenges?
  • Putting off having fun or taking time to relax and self-care?

Therapy or Coaching for Stress Management can help with…

  • Identifying life stressors and coping strategies
  • Learning relaxation strategies to reduce physical and emotional tension
  • Improving your overall health, mood, parenting and relationships
  • Identifying mindset blocks, thinking habits and behaviours contributing to stress
  • Effective decision making and problem-solving techniques that will transform your life
  • Setting healthy boundaries and healthy self-care routines
  • Managing worries without resorting to avoidance, perfectionism and procrastination
  • Reconnecting with what matters most to you (your values) and putting things in perspective 

Why it’s essential to get started now:

Life is short. Before you know it, so much time has been lost and wasted. Life is too precious to spend another day worrying needlessly. Stress, anxiety and worry affect your health, your relationships, your job, and life satisfaction. By taking the time to understand your triggers and learn how to cope with stress, you will reclaim your life. You will reconnect with what matters most to you, sleep better, lose weight, improve in all areas of your life. 


Why wait one more day? Take charge of stress. Don’t let stress rob you of the life you deserve. Change is possible! I can help.

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