In the process of helping parents and individuals, Dr. Gina aims at bringing joy back into their lives and find peace in the day to day. She helps clients uncover the answers that lie within them already. She uncovers each individual’s unique gifts and strengths in order for them to live the lives they were meant to live. Pain is an inevitable part of the human experience, but suffering is optional.

Through her guidance, Dr. Gina helps individuals eliminate unnecessary suffering through strategies that even children can apply, as this is a natural state of childhood that we seem to have lost. Thus, she helps people return to that state with which they used to be familiar with, and through the process, individuals feel they have found “home” once again.


Living Simply with Dr. Gina

Welcome to Living Simply, a guide to mindful living and parenting with psychologist & transformation coach, Dr. Gina Madrigrano

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Clinical and Research Experience

Dr. Gina Madrigrano is a clinical psychologist with training in health science and psychology. She has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Madrigrano is also a forensic psychologist who specializes with sex offenders and violent offenders. She has a particular interest in prevention, with a holistic approach to mental health, and she has been actively involved in research as well as in clinical interventions, including supervision.  She conducts individual, couples, family, and group treatment.

Dr. Madrigrano has developed workshops to train professionals in schools, correctional institutions, and the general public. She has developed treatment programs in major institutions as well as in small community agencies. Dr. Madrigrano has lectured at both Montreal and Ottawa Universities, Algonquin College, and Université du Québec in Outaouais. Finally, she has presented research and offered workshops at conferences in North America and overseas. Dr. Madrigrano has been a principal investigator and a co-applicant on successful grant applications, and main or co-author on over 30 publications.

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Coaching or Therapy are an investment in yourself that can only reap dividends!




“You can parent as far as you have been parented yourself”. Children are not born with manuals or warranties, we parent them as best we can. We repeat what our parents did because we think we turned out pretty well, after all . We can parent from a place of “I’ll never do what my parents did!” , yet still parent without a map.

Old habits are hard to break, unless you truly parent from a conscious place. We tend to revert to bad habits even if we don’t want to, it’s instinct. Even if you have read 20 books on parenting, it can be quite confusing if you haven’t noticed already. There are fads, so called experts, the latest trick or tool, the soft way, the hard way, and everything in between.

If you are like most parents, you don’t have time to sort through all the books, websites, and blogs and even if you attempt to do so, you are even more confused than when you started!

We go to professionals for everything else under the sun to get advise, yet very few parents seek help from a parenting coach with the goal to prevent problems. Usually parents seek help from professionals once a problem arises or years after attempting to solve it on their own. Do you go to the dentist or doctor only when you are sick? Or do most of you at least get a yearly checkup for preventative reasons, which is the way to go… It’s a lot easier to nip a problem in the bud, or even prevent it, than once you need a triple bi-pass, have to quit smoking, change your diet, start exercises, after 30 years of bad habits that need to be undone!

Parenting is no different, and this is where I come in. I am more than a parenting coach by the simple fact that I have years of training and experience under my belt, as a clinical psychologist, researcher, presenter and teacher. I can foresee problems arising based on the patterns I see established in early childhood.

Become the best parent you have the potential to become. Do it for your children. Everyone should have a parenting coach/parenting doula. In my opinion it is as important as getting a family doctor.

Being a parent is the most important job in the world, yet it’s the area where people get the least advise and are lost in the myriad of parenting books that send contradictory and conflicting messages. A parenting doula can help you navigate thru this journey of parenthood. Why go at it alone? We get yearly check ups at the doctor, dentist, hair dresser…

You worry about your child being able to stand up to bullies, you worry about your child having a strong enough self esteem to say no to drugs or sex, you worry about your child being happy, you worry about your child being able to handle adversity, you worry about your child being a bully, and the list goes on and on. Don’t wait until your child ends up in my office and then we have to undo years of dysfunctional conditioning, which is a lot more work to undo than to do it right from the get go, trust me; habits are hard to break. Your children deserve this.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl, I also  knew I wanted to do it  right. As many, I had a dysfunctional upbringing and I did not want to impart to my children the suffering I had endured. From a young age, I was the wounded soul that would pick up these stray friends that everyone rejected. I felt their suffering. It is not surprising I ended up in a job that advocated for victimized children. Although these delinquent kids were rejects of their milieu and society, I understood  even before my career started that to heal children we had to heal their parents.

If parents wanted no responsibility in doing this, I’d given children a safe place to vent, and room to validate their suffering,  so that they knew nothing was inherently wrong with them. Nothing can replace the love of a mother or a father. Children are forever wounded by the mistakes their parents make in their upbringing practices, although parents don’t do so willingly. It is a high price to pay for such a huge responsibility. As a parent you hold in your children the future. Not a simple task!

In no way am I a perfect parent, but I am a conscious parent. From the moment I had my daughter, I have seen the impact conscious parenting had on her and me, and I knew I wanted to share this gift with the world. Let me help you experience a type of parenting where there is no need for constant discipline, frustrations, aggravations, fears, feelings of guilt and regret, and see how children can naturally grow to be respectful, confident, fulfilled, balanced individuals who naturally will follow your lead.

Instead of being stressed, overwhelmed discouraged and scared, you will be parenting confidently, and with the knowledge that you are doing the right thing for you and your child. You will grow each other up. Not only will you have given birth to a wonderful child , your child will have given birth to you, a mother.

So hop onto this journey with me, and I will guide you to make the right choices for your child and for your family. Live a conscious, green, healthy, sustainable life. The future of your child depends on you.

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