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Psychoeducational Assessments…

You’re wondering if you have a learning disability, ADHD, or you need an updated assessment to get accommodations in school, College, University or work. I have very short wait times

Stress &Anxiety…

You’re struggling with sleep because you can’t shut off your brain. You worry, you struggle with anxiety, and you’re stressed out. You have a never-ending to-do list. You’d rather do things yourself because it’s faster. It seems like you’re quick to anger and have no patience. You’d like to free up some time for yourself but wonder how that would even be possible with your busy schedule.

You can’t manage to find work-life balance: managing a career, a family, a relationship, a busy overscheduled life. You feel pulled in too many directions, and like life is passing you by. 

You feel burned out, tired, overwhelmed, too busy to take care of yourself properly, workout, have hobbies… or even have fun. It doesn’t matter how much you sleep, you wake up tired and by 3PM you’d be ready to go have a nap.

You have a hard time setting healthy boundaries at work, with your family, friends, your partner or your kids. You say yes to too many things, you avoid conflict, you’re a people pleaser, you take care of everyone’s needs above your own. 

You struggle with finding meaning in your life. You have a good career, and you have raised amazing kids. You have it all it seems, but you want more out of life than just go through the grind of daily life and its responsibilities. This too can be a source of stress and dissatisfaction. 


You’re fed up of being with a partner who won’t step up, do the inner work, and it feels like your needs are not being met. You’re uncertain where this relationship is going and you can’t picture 5, 10 or even 15 more years of this. You feel resentful and angry at your partner and find it harder and harder to forgive him because things are not changing.

You’re in a relationship where it feels like your spouse is just one more kid to take care of. You are staying with your partner because of the children. You don’t want to put them through a painful divorce. You worry you will scar them for life.

You’re tired of walking on eggshells around your partner, not able to speak your mind because he tends to deflect the blame on you each time.

You’re pretty sure you’ve tried everything but your relationship has reached a plateau and you’re confused about what to do next. You’re unclear if you should stay or leave and you’re looking to gain some clarity.

Your partner is suffering with anxiety and it’s impacting the whole family and your relationship.Your partner’s or your child’s anxiety is hijacking the whole family. It seems all choices and decisions are made to alleviate their anxiety.

Or, you are having a hard time with certain people in your life (parents, children, friends, colleagues…) and you need to find ways to cope, communicate, set boundaries.   


You want what’s best for your children but don’t always know how to support them. You struggle with discipline and parenting and you wish you had some guidance or reassurance that you are doing the right thing.

Your child is struggling in school and you don’t know how to help with homework. Or, you’ve decided to homeschool and you need some guidance; you have no idea how to go about it.

You feel like you are missing out on precious time with your children. They are growing up too fast. You can’t seem to shake your mom guilt and you are looking to be more present, patient and grounded with them.

Your child is suffering from anxiety. You’ve read the books, therapy, reassurance works but it doesn’t last, it seems like all the strategies you try work for a while but the anxiety is not getting better. You’re at a loss and now you worry for your child and how they will navigate this crazy world.

You’re a single mom and you have to do it all. You want your kids in all the activities because you don’t want them to miss out. Yet you feel it’s too much and you are overwhelmed. You can’t do it all. You wish you had your evenings freed up to just chill.

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I can help!

Over the past 24 years, I have helped women like you gain clarity in difficult times and struggling with parenting, work and relationships. As a business owner and single mom myself, I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, torn between what is best for my child and for myself. And feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list, anxiety and the responsibilities of being a single mom and business owner and doing it alone. 

I’ve been there and I am thriving. Not only did I have to deal with two major life stressors all at once (separation and a child diagnosed with leukemia all within a month), I also had to stop working to take care of my child and thus I had no income. Yet, I made it!

My coaching and therapeutic approach help women feel focused and crystal clear with day-to-day decisions and the direction they want their life to take. They experience daily peace and contentment and significantly reduce their stress levels so they are able to shift overwhelm, confusion and roller-coaster emotions to feeling more relaxed and like their life is effortless. They reclaim their ME time so they can pause, take a breath and truly enjoy being with themselves, friends and family without the weight of thinking of their “to do” list.

I also specialize in treating anxiety with adults and children and have helped countless clients take charge of their anxiety.


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