From a 2004 study by Abbey & McAusland:

In college and community samples, rates of self-reported rape
perpetration range from 6% to 15%, and rates of sexual assault perpetration rang from 22% to 57% (Abbey et al., 1998; Calhoun, Bernat, Clum, & Frame, 1997; Koss et al., 1987; Muehlenhard & Linton, 1987; Rapaport & Burkhart, 1984;
Senn, Desmarais, Verberg, & Wood, 2000). Very few longitudinal studies of sexual assault perpetration have been conducted. Ageton (1983) reported results from a representative sample of adolescents, ages 11-17 years, over a 3-year time period. The pattern of results varied by age and cohort, with the highest annual incidence rate of sexual assault being 8% among 17-year-olds in 1978. Malamuth, Linz, Heavey, Barnes, and Acker (1995) conducted a 10-year follow-up study of male college students. Although they did not report incidence rates, there was a significant positive correlation between Time 1 and Time 2 reports of committing sexual assault. White and Smith
(in press) surveyed three cohorts of men across 4 years of college. By the end of the study, 14% had reported committing attempted or completed rape and 34% had reported at least one act of sexual assault perpetration.

Taken from ATSA listserve  (David Prescott)



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