The other day, as I was working on the computer, my sweet daughter left me this cute little note : “I love you Mama” with two flowers (a heart and a smiling flower). This is the result of our deep unconditional love for each other.

Every day she goes to school, I make sure to leave her a note in her tiny lunch bag to remind her how much she is loved, even when we are not together. I remember when I was a young child in elementary school, every day my friend would get a note from her mom and I felt so envious that she was “noticed” every day and that she mattered. This had always stayed in my heart.

I started real young, when my dad would leave for a week during hunting season and I would help him pack his food. I was in charge of wrapping the homemade salami in paper towel (to absorb the oil it was preserved in) and then covering it in aluminum foil. With each salami, between the paper towel and the foil, I would slip in a note with a different message of how much I loved him.

I always looked forward to writing notes to my own child when they would go to school, as I remembered how much I would have loved it myself. We can never get too much love, can we?

All this to say that I have passed on this tradition to my little one now,  just as I did with my dad, my sweet little one, regularly leaves me little notes to show me that her love is reciprocal. Now she can write a little, she uses letter, when she was smaller, she would use symbols. It warms my heart… it has come full circle.

Show your kids they matter, or a loved one, leave notes here and there to express your love… who would not like that?… you can do it in a text or an email, but there is nothing like a hand written note. You can carry it with you, use it as a bookmark, frame it, etc… The energetics of a hand written note is quite different from a message sent electronically! It costs nothing to write a short message, and takes little time to produce, and if you ask me, it is a priceless gift.



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