How do you take time to spread the love with your little ones? There are so many inexpensive ways you can show your children how much you love them without having to spend a dime.

I like to surprise my daughter and show her that I think of her even when we are not together by leaving her little surprises in her lunch box. This time, I carved “love u” and a couple of hearts in a carrot. And underneath the first layer, I had carved more stars and hearts. She loved it… And so did her little friends!

Other times I make a tiny card where a draw something real simple and i write her a nice thought. I may also draw something and write a note on a paper towel that I fold and place on top.  Finally, sometimes I leave a little love note in a tiny tin container that she gets to open.
There are so many different ways to say I love you. The fact that you take the time means a lot to these little beings. It tells them that they matter. These little marks of attention are priceless and go a long way in feeding your children’s self esteem. Even away from you, they are reminded that you care and that they matter.

So start spreading a little love and leave little love notes to your child.  Cut their sandwich in the shape of a heart. Cut a bunch of hearts in construction paper and place them in their lunch box. Leave them a note in their shoes or on their pillow, or in their pencil case, or in their text book. There are so many places where you can leave these little footprints of the love you have for them. And don’t go buying those ready made notes they sell at Hallmark. Make your own. If you are busy, make a few ahead of time so that they are ready for the week. No need to be fancy. What matters is that it be heartfelt and sincere.  Use your imagination. Do it while you are watching TV if you have to. Make the time, take the time. Your child is worth it. And who doesn’t like to be reminded that they are loved?



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