ADDitude: Living well with Attention Deficit  is a wonderful website for adults or children suffering with attentional problems (whether you have a diagnosis or not). With ADD often come problems with executive functions (e.g., difficulty starting and finishing projects, completing projects at the last minute, poor planning or organizational skills, etc.).

On this site you will find a wealth of information. The main bookmarks are: adult ADHD; parenting ADHD children; ADHD treatment; school and learning disabilities; about ADHD; resources; community; magazine. Within each of these sections you will find 25 to 30 subsections (e.g., Within the Parenting section you can find: schedules and time, healthy meal ideas, sleep problems, self-esteem, etc.). Within each of these sections you will find  printables which can range from simple handouts to eBooks. You will also find natural alternatives for treatment.

They also have a magazine with handy tips and articles. Well worth it! Go check the site out for yourself.

For more info clic here: ADDitude



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