ID-10028215Some people who suffer from anxiety fidget a lot and like to keep their hands busy. For some that means holding a cigarette, fiddling with their keys, etc. I have found that in my practice, many anxious individuals find it relaxing to handle the playdough that is on my shelf. So why not make your own?

Not only is it natural and non-toxic, but you can add essential oils to it that have a soothing effect or any other desired effect you may seek.

The process of making it can also have beneficial and relaxing effects, keep your mind off things, and may even have a meditative effect. While you are at it, why not practice mindfulness while in the process of making your own playdough?

Mix the following organic ingredients (non organic ingredients are ok too):

1 cup flour

1 cup water

1/2 cup of sea salt

1 Tbsp of oil

2 Tbsp of Cream of Tartar

Food coloring or use natural spices for color (e.g. turmeric for yellow)

A few drops of an essential oil (eg, lavender for relaxation). It is up to you to choose other essential oils if the purpose is other than relaxation… read up on the properties of rosemarygeraniumchamomillepeppermintgrapefruitlemon, etc..

Adjust ingredients  (flour or water) until you get the texture you like.

Place in a sealed container.

If you would rather buy it… go on Etsy and for a tutorial on How TO, go on You Tube there are quite a few tutorials!



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