ID-100201083Validation is key in any relationship. Parenting is the most important, challenging, difficult, yet most rewarding and joyful job out there. The power we have as parents over our children can be scary at times. It is my view that to build strong children emotionally and intellectually we need to offer a strong base so it can carry over throughout their entire life. Whether in couples’ therapy, work relationships, or teaching parenting skills, I always fall back on this basic principle “Before you offer any comment, solution or feedback when a person (or child, or spouse)  comes to you with a problem, it is important to validate what the other person is saying if you want the resolution to happen, in a healthy manner”.

In my practice I see many children suffering with self-esteem issues, succumbing to peer pressure, victims or teasing or bullying, resorting to drugs, alcohol or sex to cope, even self-harm. I fell upon this great resource and I recommend it to any parent, whether struggling with difficulties or not with their children, or simply wanting to be “better parents”.

Clic on the link below to have an inside look of the book:

The Power of Validation: Arming Your Child Against Bullying, Peer Pressure, Addiction, Self-Harm, and Out-of-Control Emotions by Karyn Hall and Melissa Cook.








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