ID-100142848The meditation  is simple, natural and powerful and is called the Ishayas’ Ascension. Ishaya means “for higher Consciousness” and Ascension means to “rise beyond” the self-defeating beliefs and judgments which keep the mind in conflict and the heart in pain.

It is not a belief or a new/old religion. There are four techniques called Ascension Attitudes and these are based on the natural movement of the mind towards praise, gratitude, and love and compassion. These techniques effortlessly move the mind inward. By naturally moving the mind inward, all chaotic modes of functioning are surpassed, and the mind arrives at its natural state of silence. The hemispheres of the brain go into perfect coherence, and the body reaches a level of rest, deeper than the average rest it gets from eight hours of sleep. When the body rests, it heals; thus, the stress lodged in the nervous system naturally dissolves – and Freedom dawns. There is no need to analyze the stress and limiting internal programs to be free of them.

It is very practical as these Attitudes can be used with eyes open to prevent stress from being built up during the day, as well as with eyes closed which releases stress from the nervous system. Benefits of using these regularly are deep rest, stress release, improved health, clarity of mind and expanded consciousness. The techniques have the potential to increase effectiveness and enjoyment in all areas of life by bringing one to the present moment and by removing the destructive beliefs and mental blocks that inhibit the natural functioning of the mind and body.

The Ishayas’ Ascension has origins in both the East and the West and has been taught throughout the world since the early 90’s. The course is taught over 3 days and teaches the four Ascension Attitudes which are based on Praise, Gratitude and Love. The Praise Attitude heals the stress in our subjective (personal) experience of life. This is the most fundamental of all the techniques. The Gratitude Attitude heals our relationship with the objective (outside) world, including our bodies. The Love Attitude heals our relationship with the Source, the Ascendant, the Absolute, and All-That-Is. The fourth attitude develops compassion and enlivens our relationship with the rest of humanity.

Description of the First Four Ascension Techniques

Together these four techniques work to heal any self-destructive program, any stress, any past limitation or painful belief that keeps awareness bound to the waking state.


The Praise Ascension Attitude is the most basic, the most fundamental of all the techniques.  The Praise Attitude heals our subjective experience of our life.  This is the root attitude of all the techniques taught by the Ishayas. This technique can be used any time, day or night, with the eyes open or closed, to cause a calming and healing effect.


The Gratitude Attitude is subtler than the Praise Ascension Attitude.  The Gratitude Attitude deals with another of the fundamental stresses that needs to be healed to experience life fully. The Gratitude Attitude is designed to heal our relationship with everything in the physical world, including our bodies.


The Love Ascension Attitude heals another one of the fundamental misconceptions that keep us from experiencing who we truly are. The Love Attitude deals with our relationship to the Source, the Ascendant, the Absolute, the Infinite.


Cognition heals the fourth fundamental stress that keeps one from evolving to enlightenment. The Cognition technique deals with our relationship to all of humanity.

What is the Ishayas’ Ascension? Commonly Asked Questions

The Ishayas’ Ascension is a series of simple, profoundly effective meditation techniques that allow one to Ascend, or rise beyond, stress and self-defeating beliefs.  Once this occurs, it is possible to be fully centred in the heart and reclaim our naturally enlightened state of freedom and innocence. The Ishayas’ Ascension is so effective because the techniques are based on the fundamental principles of Praise, Gratitude and Love.  It is simple and effortless.

Why do we need the Ishayas’ Ascension?

As one grows into adulthood, the nervous system becomes imprinted with every experience it has ever had, including traumatic ones.  These imprints, or stresses, cause us to respond to various life experiences in habitual, often negative, ways.  The easy-to-use techniques of the Ishayas’ Ascension systematically erase the stress of the past and create the abitlity to respond to present situations with more creativity and flexibility.

How does the Ishayas’ Ascension work?

In as few as twenty minutes with the eyes closed, the Ishayas’ Ascension allows the body to reach a level of rest that is about twice as deep as the deepest sleep.  This allows the body’s natural healing tendencies to activate, permanently clearing the nervous system of stress.

How often should one practice the Ishayas’ Ascension?

The recommended minimum is two to three times per day, for twenty minutes with eyes closed.  It is suggested that one Ascend in the morning, in the evening, and before bed. In addition, one can use the techniques all day long with the eyes open.

Are any special preparations required to practice the Ishayas’ Ascension?

No. In fact, comfort and innocence are keys to successfully practicing the techniques.  The more one can approach them without preconceived notions of what it should be like, the faster stress will dissolve from the nervous system.  No special positions, no special preparations and no belief are required.

What are the benefits to using the Ishayas’ Ascension?

With regular use of the techniques, one’s ability to handle life’s challenges in the present moment increases. People report having less anxiety and worry.  As the nervous system becomes more and more clear, the Ishayas’ Ascension begins to serve its true purpose; the heart and mind coming into alignment, producing a state of constant inner stillness, clarity and oneness, known as Enlightenment.

First Sphere Format

Friday Night       7:00pm – 10:00pm


Praise Ascension Attitude

Saturday              10:00am – 5:00pm

The Mechanics of Ascension

The Gratitude Ascension Attitude

Lunch Break (Vegetarian Pot Luck)

States of Consciousness

Discussion of further opportunities with Ascension

The Love Ascension Attitude

End of Class for Saturday

Sunday                10:00am – 5:00pm

Cognition Technique

This Ascension Attitude is given Individually rather than in a group setting. The rest of the day is devoted to practicing all four techniques with the eyes closed. A Cognition Lecture will be given at the end of the day. You may wish to bring pillows and blankets to get comfortable. Also a bottle of water and some light food to snack on during the day would be a good idea.

This portion of the course may start earlier if the course is large.

Reproduced by permission from Adya and Avya Ishaya, from  The Intro Pack –The Ishayas’ Ascension, Meditation Course ©



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