ID-100125157-2The Bright Path Ascension Meditation Really Does Light People Up – Even Across Space and Time


By Saraswati


What if someone told you that you were made of light? What if they also told you that positive intention is not bound by space and time?  Or, that it is possible to more than double the amount of energy in your body in just two and half days? What would you think if they told you that it is even possible to positively affect someone’s health in a past moment?

In 2011, I was lucky enough to be part of a team of Bright Path Ascension meditation practitioners, also known as “Ascenders,” who were involved in a series of remarkable experiments that would forever change my perception of what is possible. Like many people who use The Bright Path Ascension meditation techniques, I already knew from direct experience how powerful these techniques can be.

Typically, people who practice the Ascension techniques on a regular basis experience less stress, far greater levels of peace and stability, and – my personal favourite – a greater tendency to experience more joy, all of which can help with improvements in health. This is possible because the techniques allow you to transcend and change your relationship with any limiting thoughts or beliefs that may have been subtly impacting your life or behaviour.

However the remarkable series of tests – conducted in 2011 but not previously published – has provided further evidence of these impacts, and shown that the techniques can even influence the well-being of people in other times and places! A wealth of research in biophysics tells us that the human body is generating subtle electromagnetic fields. It has also been suggested that these ‘light fields’ – what we perceive as light is a tiny portion of the electromagnetic spectrum – provides energy for the organs to work efficiently and allows the cells to communicate with each other.

While Western science and medicine have been slow to recognize the implications of this fact, Eastern traditions have long used energy as part of healing. In 2002, scientists from the USA and Russia met in a congress in Maryland at the US National Institute of Health. One conclusion they came to was that a technique called GDV (gas discharge visualization), developed by professor Konstantin Korotkov, a biophysicist at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia, could be used effectively to measure the human energy field, and that this was a good indicator of the health of the body’s organs.
It was this GDV technique that psychologist Eusebio Gonzales Martin and researcher of bioelectrography Fernando Sanchez used to discover the effects of The Bright Path Ascension techniques, by measuring the changes in the body’s electromagnetic energy field.
Though the energy field is not visible to the naked eye, it can be measured and recorded using what is known as an ‘electro-photonic capture’ camera that can detect energy in the ultra violet range.

Improved Energy

In one of the tests, Eusebio measured changes in the energy fields of people learning The Bright Path Ascension meditation techniques over a weekend course in Spain’s Basque Country.
Participants were tested on the day the course began and again when it ended.

In these tests, the two researchers, Eusebio and Fernando, found profound improvements in the energy fields of all 10 participants. Nine of the 10 had more energy after the course; one had excess energy before the course, and during the weekend her energy levels reduced to optimal levels. Additionally, all participants had reduced stress levels.

One participant in particular named Rosa, began the weekend in a very distressed state. She had significantly low energy and high-stress levels, and felt nervous and anxious.  After just two and a half days of Ascending (Meditating with the Bright Path’s techniques,) her energy levels had improved dramatically and her stress levels had reduced. She reported feeling comfortable and relaxed, and could not believe the improvement she felt from the weekend’s course.
Below are the results of Rosa’s readings from the experiment:

Before:                                         After:

pastedGraphic_1.pdf                                    pastedGraphic_2.pdf


Explained simply, The Bright Path Ascension techniques were literally lighting up Ascenders’ bodies with the energy they needed, where they needed it most. And these dramatic effects were being felt after only two and a half days of Ascending.
Reduced Stress

When we have an excess of energy it can cause stress on the body. Stress is a natural program of nature to help us survive in extreme circumstances. Doctors now recognise that when stress becomes continuous it can exhaust the body’s energy levels and become the main cause of physical and mental ill health.

Eusebio and Fernando’s research also measured energy levels within each of the body’s vital organs. Before the course, seven of the ten participants had too much energy in some organs and too little in others – meaning their bodies were not functioning optimally. Afterwards, significant improvements were found in all seven participants.

Ayurvedic medicine suggests that we have seven energetic centres along the spine, called chakras, which are connected to the body’s gland system. When these are aligned and balanced they represent good health in the body.
These images show energy levels in Rosa’s vital organs before (left) and after the weekend course (right).
         Before:                                After:

pastedGraphic_3.pdf                       pastedGraphic_4.pdf


The analysis of the experiments suggest that even in the first weekend of learningThe Bright Path Ascension meditation the following results can be experienced:

  • Increase of vital energy in the body where it is low.
  • Reduction of vital energy where it is in excess.
  • Balancing of energy between the different organs.
  • Reduction in stress levels.
  • Improved alignment and balancing of the body’s chakras, which has a positive effect on the body’s gland system.


Positively influencing the health of other people
In a separate set of tests also in 2011, Eusebio and Fernando measured the impacts of the techniques on more experienced meditators at The Bright Path’s retreat centre in Mont-ral, Spain. In these tests, the results were so dramatic they could scarcely believe them. In one experiment, ten Ascenders used an advanced meditation technique for twenty minutes to focus on one of the men participating in the retreat who was ill with lymphatic cancer. The subject was tested before and after the experiment. The Ascenders were in the same room as him, but he was reading and asked not to meditate during the experiment.

The tests found that after the meditation, the subject had less stress, more energy, and improved distribution of energy to vital organs. This was most prevalent in the spleen, which plays an important role in the immune system. The readings literally went from the spleen being the most de-energised organ in his body before the experiment, to a reading of absolute perfect optimization afterwards.
Even time and space don’t appear to stop these benefits

In another test, Eusebio carried out two separate GDV readings on a female participant who had been experiencing very high stress levels. The tests were carried out at 11.50am and 12.30pm, and showed reduced stress levels and significant improvements in distribution of energy to vital organs over the forty minute period.

At 5pm on the same day – several hours after the subject was tested – a group of twenty people in a different location used the same advanced Ascension technique to focus their attention on the name of the subject, and the time ‘noon.’ The subject did not know at any point that they would be doing this, and neither did Eusebio, the researcher. Yet the advanced Ascension technique still appeared to have had an impact.

        Before:                                 After:
pastedGraphic_5.pdf                      pastedGraphic_6.pdf
In other words, not only did the advanced Ascension technique appear to benefit her health – but it appeared to do so across distances in both space and time. Eusebio describes the results as “remarkable.”

These findings, although unexpected, appear to find some support within the discoveries of modern physics, which have broken down conventional distinctions between space and time, and between matter and energy. Einstein once wrote that the distinction between past, present and future was “only an illusion, although a convincing one, ” and also that any person’s physical separation from the rest of the universe was a kind of “delusion of… consciousness.”

Consistent with these observations, many meditators have reported experiences that suggest space and time may not be immutable physical facts, but rather, may be creations of the mind. Eusebio and Fernando’s research appears to provide some additional insight into these experiences.

Research methods
More information about GDV and the camera used can be found at Dr. Korotkov’s Lab .

For more articles on the benefits of Mediations go to the  The Bright Path’s web site (Health and Science) 

Reproduced with the permission of Adya and Avya Ishaya




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