Sir Ken Robinson is an educational specialist whose mission is to “save” our children from the current educational system that is failing them. His TED talks have over  10 Million views, so his message is getting out. I have included here a few of my favorite videos for you to view.

He talks about how conformity, batching and conformity are killing imagination and how education is in high need for transformation rather than reform.

Not only is he brilliant, but he is amazingly funny and witty.

Enjoy and see if it will push you to send your children to an alternative school, homeschool or at least question the status quo rather than question your child’s intelligence or abilities.

These videos will give you hope if your child is struggling in school, hope that maybe there is NOTHING wrong with your child but everything wrong with the setting he or she is in, and is so ill fitted for your child’s unique needs and abilities and talents.



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