Turn Challenges into Gold

Turn Challenges into Gold

Caroline Myss is an author, inspirational teacher and healer in the fields of human consciousness, health and spirituality, among other things. I wanted to share a few of her quotes as food for thought about the impact of challenges and choices in our lives. I briefly...

Your child’s self-esteem start with you!

Your child’s self-esteem start with you!

Self-esteem is the greatest gift you can offer your child. How to foster a healthy sense of self, resilience and self-confidence in a child is not an easy task. It is not difficult in the sense of how to do it, it is difficult because of where we are today as a...

Mindfulness and Parenting

This video explains how mindfulness can help both your parenting and your children. It also briefly addresses how to start practicing mindfulness. A few resources are provided. Benefits of Mindfulness can be found on this site:...

Children Grow Us Up! Really?

Sometimes we forget that our children are wise little beings and that they too can impart upon us a lot of wisdom. In this video, I challenge you to consider that not only are you a teacher to your child but...

Essential Steps to Safe Screen Use for Kids.

Essential Steps to Safe Screen Use for Kids.

STEP 1: QUESTION, OBSERVE, AND ASSESS Do you find yourself getting caught up in constant battles over screens? Is it hard to get your kids off those tablets or video games when you ask them to? Do you find your kids are obsessed with their electronics? Botch their...

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