Mindfulness and Parenting

This video explains how mindfulness can help both your parenting and your children. It also briefly addresses how to start practicing mindfulness. A few resources are provided.

Benefits of Mindfulness can be found on this site: www.greatergood.berkeley.edu/topic/mindf­ulness

5 Steps to Better Self Care for Moms

Self-care is often ignored by parents, yet a very important component of living a happy and fulfilling life. When we make place in our lives for little pockets of self-care, we have more energy and patience with our spouse/partner and children. We need to make time for this, just like we make time for personal hygiene. Finally, if we model proper self-care, we are teaching this important skill to our children. Self-care is an essential component of healthy self-esteem. They go hand in hand. Watch this video for simple ideas on what rituals you can incorporate in your life.

8 Easy Steps to a Struggle Free Bedtime Routine for Kids

Parents often struggle with bedtime and the comments I hear most is that it’s a stressful time filled with battles. In this video, I discuss the importance of having the same ritual every night and what elements are important for this to become a pleasant time of day, and  a special moment for bonding with your child.

Multiple Benefits of Giving your Kids Chores

Parents often wait too long to start getting their children involved in chores. Often times feeling that children should only focus on play and homework. The problem with this is that to expect our teenagers to suddenly “want” to help out around the house is idealistic. Starting young not only teaches them good values, is good for self-esteem but it also instills good habits and you don’t need to bribe them or pay them to help. Watch this video and learn the multiple benefits of chores. If you like this introductory video, you will love my free eBook on The Multiple Benefits of Chores, just follow this link.

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