Parent and Child Playgroup at Waldorf

The last two weeks at the parent and child group at our local Waldorf school were simply nice. We met our new teacher… what a delight. She is so sweet and calm and great with the moms and the kids. Her assistant is beautiful too. The first time we handcrafted bracelets made out of decorative corn kernels and this week we made dolls with the husk of the corn. It’s my second year at Waldorf and I am amazed at the new things I learn and the beautiful people I meet. Last year i was initiated to wet and dry felting, using beeswax instead of play dough, candle making, lantern making, water colours, etc.  The atmosphere is so serene and the setting simple and soothing. Toys are all-natural, mainly made of wood and natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and wool. The snacks are healthy, homemade right there in the classroom. The aromas fill the air. Yummy. Last week we had apple sauce with raisins and this week brown rice with shredded carrots. Water for the children and moms and a nice tea is available for the moms… ginger, chamomille… all soothing treats. I’ve been to different playgroups but this one is by far my favourite. It simply fits best with our family’s philosophies of how to educate and raise children. I look forward to every week as it is always a nice surprise and I know me and my daughter will learn something new each time.

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