Flying with a toddler!

Flying with a toddler!

The thought of going on a long flight with a toddler can be daunting. You flash back to the time before you had kids and had to endure hours of screaming and crying, and wished you had brought ear plugs. Maybe you even thought to yourself “why can’t they just shut him up?!!”…

Well… now it’s your turn and how you regret having had those nasty thoughts. You worry that karma will finally pay you back 🙂 for having mentally cussed at those poor parents who probably were at their wits’ end. You don’t worry so much about your child because you know how to soothe him. Your main preoccupation is how will those fellow passengers react if you can’t console your tired child.

When my daughter was granted her wish trip to Hawaii we were elated… and unbeknownst to me that all our playing and role playing would pay off and was preparing her for a very long trip. Between playing the trip out, and proper planning for the long trip ahead, it proved to be an uneventful and fun journey!

So here I share what we did and hope it will have the same benefits for your family.

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