Divorce & Difficult Relationships

Divorce & Difficult Relationships

Difficult Relationships


  • THE NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY: Being Informed is the best defense. Relationships with narcissists are very difficult. Many individuals have suffered from being in a relationship with a Narcissist. Whether it be a parent, a boss, a friend, or a partner. It can destroy lives and throw people into a depressive state with shattered self-esteems. I have included a few videos in order to understand the narcissist and narcissistic abuse. Part of healing is to understand what you went through and not be re-victimized. Click on this Page to see the links.


  • Books I highly recommended for dealing with difficult people here.

Divorce & Separation

  • Awesome, easy cooking  classes for the busy parent, who desires healthy nutrition for their family: Rouxbe
  • Books on Restoring and Maintaining Gut Health  for better immunity, and overall health and Personalized Nutrition, how one diet does not fit all! Read more here.
  • Heal your gut and see your mood and physical health improve. Get nutrition help, learn about the benefits of fermented food in healing the gut
  • Great resource for Wholistic Health and Nutrition, Remedies, Treatment, Research and Videos with Dr. Mercola
  • Exercises to improve or maintain children’s posture. Recommended by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.
  • Stretches for the Scalene Muscles in the Neck, recommended by Dr. Pope my chiropractor.
  • A wonderful YouTube Chanel with Anita Goa a fitness instructor. You will find on this site a combination of different routines that involve yoga, pilates, strength, flexibility, fitness, toning, endurance, you name it. You will even find really good nutrition tips and recipes (over 300 great videos).
  • For more intense yet short workouts you can look on this YouTube Chanel run by Zuzka Light. There are 5 to 30-minute routines that work the whole body. I love the quick routines that are just 5 minutes, they allow me to workout on a daily basis even if I don’t have much free time! No excuses with these quick routines that will raise your heart rate and burn your muscles.
  • Subliminal Technology : The Truth About Subliminal Tapes
  • Read more about subliminal mental training tools at Dr Eldon Taylor’s blog
  • InnerTalk subliminal CD/MP3 for all kinds of difficulties: Listing here.
  • Recommended books on health, wellness and nutrition here.

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