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John BradshawHealing The Shame That Binds 

This lecture is based on John Bradshaw’s book with the same title. He covers the first part of the book (the problem). The second part of the book deals with (the solution) and the healing process. In an emotionally revealing way John Bradshaw shows us how toxic shame is the core problem in our compulsions,co-dependencies, addictions and the drive to super-achieve. The result is a breakdown inthe family system and our inability to go forward with our lives. We are bound by our shame.Drawing from his 22 years of experience as a counselor, Bradshaw offers us the techniques to heal this shame. Using affirmations, visualizations, “inner voice” and “feeling” work plus guided meditations and other useful healing techniques, he realeases the shame that binds us to thepast.This important book breaks new ground in the core issues of societal and personal breakdown, offering techniques of recovery vital to all of us. 
Many parents use shame to discipline their kids or simply use shame in their interactions with their kids. This book has helped millions identify their personal shame, understand the underlying reasons for it, address these root causes and release themselves from the shame that binds them to their past failures. This 6 part series will bring you many insights into how to become a better parents, more present, more loving. Parents all mean well, but there is always room for improvement. 
You can read a few good quotes from the book here.  The first 65 pages of the book are here.
Part 1 –  Part 2 –  Part 3 –  Part 4 –  Part 5 –  Part 6



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