Your thoughts can harm you…

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I came across a few good quotes from one of my mentors, the late Debbie Ford. I thought I would share with you her words of wisdom and encourage you to stop and reflect on these.

  • We can see ourselves in living color by taking note of what we observe in other people. (Note: this is a defence mechanism called projection)
  • Notice what happens when you choose to embrace rather than reject each feeling that arises within you today.(Note: What you resist persists. If you allow feelings to just pass, you dont linger in the negative feeling and thus you suffer less)
  • Not only do we allow our own thoughts and guidelines to dictate our behaviour, but we also project onto others what we believe they want for us. (Note: This can be at the source of great conflicts that could be avoided as they blossom and live in our minds only and may not be based in fact)
  • Turning our dreams into realities means learning how to transmute the negative and turn it into the positive.(Note: A “negative” experience can be a blessing in disguise if you choose to look at it this way. Rejection is protection and often unanswered prayers are leaving space for better outcomes)

Most of us don’t recognize that there are two distinct elements to who we are : the thinking self and the observing self. We tend to bunch them up together. Haven’t you ever thought or felt: “I can’t stand myself”? This statement shows the separation between thought (my in myself) and self (I). Thus when you say I, you are the observer of the thoughts or feelings or sensations or state that you are in, that you can’t stand.

The good news about this, is that you can change those thoughts and thus change your state. The way you perceive a situation greatly impacts how you feel, and the above quotes show you a glimpse of how you can do that.

Start paying more attention to your thoughts and how they impact how you feel. Become an active observer instead of living your life on automatic pilot. By doing this, you will reduce your suffering and experience more joy and bliss in your life. Try it!

As you master this skill and you see the positive impact on your life… teach this to your children. It is one of the many beautiful gifts you can pass on!.

Here is a good read if you struggle with your negative thoughts or feelings : Get out of your mind and into your life!



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