Multiple Benefits of Giving your Kids Chores

Parents often wait too long to start getting their children involved in chores. Often times feeling that children should only focus on play and homework. The problem with this is that to expect our teenagers to suddenly “want” to help out around the house is idealistic. Starting young not only teaches them good values, is good for self-esteem but it also instills good habits and you don’t need to bribe them or pay them to help. Watch this video and learn the multiple benefits of chores. If you like this introductory video, you will love my free eBook on The Multiple Benefits of Chores, just follow this link.

Preparing a Toddler for a Long Plane Ride!

One of travelling parents’ greatest headaches or anticipated fear is travelling with young children and toddlers. In this video, I offer various strategies to prepare your young children for a long plane ride. No longer will you need to avoid travelling or fear embarrassment!

Children Grow Us Up! Really?

Sometimes we forget that our children are wise little beings and that they too can impart upon us a lot of wisdom. In this video, I challenge you to consider that not only are you a teacher to your child but that your child can also teach you a few things and “grow you up”. Although this concept might challenge your beliefs, dive in and be curious and see why your children might become your greatest teachers.

Relaxation and Mindfulness with Homemade Playdough

Playdough bought in the store is full of toxic ingredients, dries up and over time can become costly. In this video, I share with you a recipe of homemade playdough. Not only is it safe, it becomes an opportunity to do an activity with your child, to bond, get them off their screens, it is a sensory experiment, it becomes a scientific experiment, and it can teach mathematical concepts. As you can see, a simple activity like making playdough has multiple benefits. You may think you are too busy, but are you too busy to bond with your child and teach? Finally, this will be a very fulfilling activity for your child to witness the transformation of various elements into a final product they can play with. And as a parent, trust me, you will feel real good afterwards.

The Motivational Video – Bamboo Tree

This is a very powerful motivational video. You will be moved and inspired. Slow and steady, patience and consistent efforts. The message is this. Growth takes time and often we don’t see the fruits of our labours for a while. To add to this, often it looks like things aren’t moving, changing, or growing. Yet, under the surface they are.

Whether it is your own growth or that of a friend, a child, or a relative, be patient. You may not see anything for a long time and then “Bam!” and explosion of awesomeness show up. You just needed faith. So don’t judge and trust. Everything in due time!

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