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  • Awesome, easy cooking  classes for the busy parent, who desires healthy nutrition for their family: Rouxbe
  • A few great articles on breast health : Freedom from Breast Cancer DiagnosisMisclassification rates in breast histopathology biopsies: how can they be lowered?Breast Cancer, Mammography, HRT, and The Risks of Overdiagnosis 
  • Books on Restoring and Maintaining Gut Health  for better immunity, and overall health and Personalized Nutrition, how one diet does not fit all! Read more here.
  • Are you struggling with infertility? Having a hard time finding a mate? Read her research using only the highest standard of double blind in the areas of love, fertility, hormones, women’s health and yes, a section on men sexuality. Well worth visiting. Dr Winnifred Cutler from the Athena Institute. They also sell high quality Pheromones (the real ones) and fall in love again with your partner, aid your fertility, become more attractive to men and women!
  • Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary Is a small company of Herbalists based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.  Their mission is to share the healing powers of plant medicine with the community. provide the finest  They provide high-quality herbs, and herbal products, sourced by the best possible sustainable, organic, and wild-harvested herbs in their local farming community, wild lands, and on the world market. Yarrow and Angela Willard are Clinical/Master Herbalists. Visit their Products page to see the wide variety of herbs, tinctures, teas, syrups, oils, salves, super foods and so much more. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for great instructional videos and recipes. Their Blog offers great recipes, lifestyle, and descriptions about their products (herbs, mushrooms, teas etc.)
  • Heal your gut and see your mood and physical health improve. Learn about the benefits of fermented food in healing the gut. Donna Schwenk is an expert in the field. Learn how to make your own Kefir, Kombucha, fermented veggies, yoghourt etc. She also has great tutorials and educational tools on her YouTube Channel. Donna also has a weekly show on HayHouse Radio
  • Great resource for Wholistic Health and Nutrition, Remedies, Treatment, Research and Videos with Dr. Mercola
  • Exercises to improve or maintain children’s posture. Recommended by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.
  • Stretches for the Scalene Muscles in the Neck, recommended by Dr. Pope my chiropractor.
  • A wonderful YouTube Chanel with Anita Goa a fitness instructor. You will find on this site a combination of different routines that involve yoga, pilates, strength, flexibility, fitness, toning, endurance, you name it. You will even find really good nutrition tips and recipes (over 300 great videos).
  • For more intense yet short workouts you can look on this YouTube Chanel run by Zuzka Light. There are 5 to 30-minute routines that work the whole body. I love the quick routines that are just 5 minutes, they allow me to workout on a daily basis even if I don’t have much free time! No excuses with these quick routines that will raise your heart rate and burn your muscles.
  • Subliminal Technology : The Truth About Subliminal Tapes
  • Read more about subliminal mental training tools at Dr. Eldon Taylor’s blog
  • InnerTalk subliminal CD/MP3 for all kinds of difficulties: Listing here.
  • Recommended books on health, wellness and nutrition here.



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