SOMA Consulting Group

Dr. Madrigrano is in private practice and founder and clinical director of SOMA Consulting Group, with offices in Ottawa and Vancouver. Qualified and well published clinicians offer services at SOMA, among them you can find Dr. Guy Bourgon, C. Psych., Dr. Tisha Gangopadhyay, C. Psych., Mr. Ken Laprade, M.A. (clinician, researcher and manager), Mrs. Helene Messervier, M. Sc. (sexologist), Mr. Kenneth Inbar, MSW, RSW. We also contract out clinical services from very qualified clinicians such as Marie-Claire Turgeon, M.Ed., CCC,  and Jennifer Elder, M.Ed., CCC.

We offer services in both official languages, French and English.

Our Consultants 

Dr. Gina Madrigrano

In addition to offering clinical services, Dr. Madrigrano is a registered forensic psychologist in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Canada, specializing in sex offenders and psychopathy. She has conducted risk assessments and treatment for the Correctional Service of Canada, for the National Parole Board, for the Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services (youth institution) and has also conducted treatment and assessment in the Forensic Units of psychiatric hospitals and provincial psychiatric jails. She has also worked in community settings serving youth and adults on probation and parole. She is a clinical member of ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers) since 1997, which requires a minimum of 2000 direct clinical hours in order to become a member. Dr. Madrigrano was determined to be an expert to testify at the provincial court level in Canada.

Dr. Madrigrano is also hired as a consultant and clinical supervisor in various facilities, organizations and corporations. She offers training  in mindful leadership and mindfulness in the workplace.

Dr. Guy Bourgon (profile coming soon)

Dr. Tisha Gangopadhyay (profile coming soon)

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